Keith Palmer

Current Interests - Utility Regulation / Climate Change

Keith has been heavily involved over many years advising governments and regulators about improvements in the regulation of privatised utilities. At Rothschild he was centrally involved in the design and implementation of regulatory systems and market structures and processes for the newly privatised electricity, gas and water industries in England and Wales. He was subsequently involved providing similar advice in continental Europe and around the world. At CEPA he led regulatory advice to most of the UK regulators including  OFGEM, Ofwat, Office of Rail Regulation and the CAA.

He is currently a senior adviser to OFGEM on cost of capital and financeability aspects of regulatory settlements with privatised gas and electricity utilities.

Keith also has a long-standing interest in climate change issues particularly the design of policy instruments appropriate to mobilise the large amounts of finance required to drive investment in carbon emission reduction and climate change adaptation.

InfraCo Africa and Infraco Asia are implementing major programmes of investments to develop and finance non-carbon emitting energy technologies in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South and SE Asia. Infraco Africa successfully completed renewable energy investment in Cape Verde, a wind power project which was the first privately financed wind power project anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa. It currently has a portfolio of eight additional renewable energy investments under development. Infraco Asia has reached, or is very near to reaching, financial close of 4 renewable energy projects in Sout and SE Asia; and six additional renewable energy investments are under development. 

AgDevCo is implementing a portfolio of irrigated agriculture investments, each of which will contribute to strengthening resilience to climate change for the benefit of poor people in sub-Saharan Africa.

DECC Capital Markets Climate Initiative (CMCI)  The CMCI is a forum where government and the private sector come together to identify tangible and deliverable propositions that can help mobilise private capital at scale for low carbon investments in emerging and developing economies. Keith is a member of the CMCI Steering Committee.

Recent publications and presentations on Utility Regulation / Climate Change

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